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We've been selling gorgeous handbags for a long time now... since 1987, to be exact. In that time, we've seen lots of brands come and go, along with fashion trends, but we like to think that we've always stayed ahead of the game.


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Are cakes ageist ?

Are cakes ageist ?

Do you think which cake you prefer has got anything  to do with age ? No stay with me on this. I like a brew and a cake, I like a brew with a slice of cake .....I love cake...actually I must correct myself on this. There are certain cakes which are fine with coffee and certain cakes which can only be enjoyed and eaten with a brew. For example you can't eat a traditional British cake with an americano....Madeira cake and espresso ...really ? No it's like eating egg and bacon with mayonnaise  - they just don't go together. Back to age and cake choices. I have never ever liked bakewell tarts there has never been an occasion when in a tea room/cafe you could witness me with my nose pressed against the glass of a cake dome drooling over a bakewell tart ...never. Yesterday I was in a lovely bakery with 💙 and fancied a bakewell tart - I could not wait to get home put the kettle on, make a brew and sit down with 💙 and my cake (always on a side plate). I scoffed the lot. BAKEWELL virgin no more. Bakewell tarts in my mind have always been the cake of choice for OAPs ( I may qualify soon!!). Would you ever see an OAP with a blueberry muffin or flapjack if there were bakewell tarts on offer? Not on your Mary Berry Cookbook. Do you think the days of choosing  Nutella muffins are a thing of the past  for me? Who knows? However I think to be fair chocolate eclairs are pretty 'Age fluid'  along with cream scones you definitely are in a 'cake age fluid ' zone with them (don't know about vanilla slices though ). What cake age are you?                   PS  💙 = grandson Albert .




February 19, 2020
Noisy tattoos

Noisy tattoos

We went to Majorca for a much needed short break a few weeks ago. My plan was to chill out read a few good books, eat good food and drink cheap Cava 🥂.... So on arrival at the hotel we flung our cases onto the bed looked out of from the balcony to a beautiful pool area. ....bikini on (yes I know I’m thick skinned) and as my husband said “who’s going to be looking at you !! 😂". Anyway back to the story.....pack my beach bag (the one with the sequinned pineapple on the front do you remember it?..Its a great chuck in bag) head down to the pool and get myself comfortable and ready for my holiday read that I always start the evening before so that I’m ‘into‘ it. I look around the pool and observe the perspiring bodies all shapes, sizes and all with a different story to tell ....some with stretch marks, some with caesarean marks and some sadly with life /illness scars and it makes me think about each of the people there. Back to the book.....I wonder what the woman with the M&S spotted costume does? Money on it she’s an accountant her beach bag was very organised and she had her money properly separated into euros and sterling which I always plan to do but soon forget after a few 4 euro glasses of Cava. Back to the book when out of the corner of my very big eyes I notice a young woman next to me with lots of tattoos......I put my head down and pretend to be enthralled with the comings and goings of Jenny Eclairs new book......looking to my right I notice she has prose written to the side of her thigh, can’t quite make out what it says but I manoeuvred to the right and it seemed to be prose about a lost love which was very moving. I then begin to think about the tattoo girl and feel sad about the heartbreak she has suffered. Pick up my book....standing in front of the pool are a couple, they edged their way into the pool, I notice she has a very nice bow and chain tattooed around her ankle, her partner has a huge piece of prose which takes up the whole of his back written in French ! .....I put down my book and try to casually take note of the French words and their meaning (the cheap Cava is certainly no help). A level French is a very very long time ago. I am able to read and translate some of the obvious words, life, stars, hope, luck, love and child. I can’t help myself as I begin to create a whole raft of life scenarios which may fit the words. I become bothered by what sadness may have befallen this young French man......Adele switch off and pick up your book. A man passes by with Chinese symbols carefully tattooed down the inner part of his torso and I wonder if he checked the Chinese words and their meaning or if he just trusted the artist? Mmmmmm  not sure I could do that . I pick up my book again and make an effort to switch off from the noisy tattoos........couldn’t they just cover up. 😀😎





October 19, 2019
Roka Vegan Bags

Roka Vegan Bags

As you would expect we have seen many changes in the retail bag business over 30 plus years and by and large most trends in fashion come in cycles. One of the biggest changes in the bag business that has gathered momentum however is the demand for vegan bags🌱. We have listened to our customers, researched and delivered some really great brands and styles. We shall also be offering more choices in Vegan products for the Autumn / Winter season. ROKA bags have been an amazing ‘ find’ offering great bags in great colours for both sexes. Watch this space and continue to follow us on FB and instagram BAGHEAVEN_MONTON to see all the new styles as they arrive in the shop.
August 16, 2019

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