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We've been selling gorgeous handbags for a long time now... since 1987, to be exact. In that time, we've seen lots of brands come and go, along with fashion trends, but we like to think that we've always stayed ahead of the game.


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Ice cream ......disaster

Ice cream ......disaster

We took our grandson out the other day to a really yummy popular ice cream parlour a drive away from where we live. As we attempted to park up somewhere fairly close to the parlour we noticed the queues snaked for a considerable way around the back of the building and along the road ! It was a hoit day, did I tell you that ? And us Brits when the sun i out we grab every chance to enjoy it and that means icecream. We parked up a walk away. We queued and queued and our grandson was getting impatient asking "are we nearly there yet " ...."Are we near the end yet ? " Finally we were served each with our choices of ice cream and secretly wishing we had chosen the flavour we always have ! We waited to cross over the road to get back to the car, licking the drips as we stood there. We croosed. We startted to walk and the icecream cornets were now beginning to melt and collapse. There was nothing we could do to stop the flow of raspberry ripple icecream and starmix and rhubarb crumble flavour..they were all melting onto the pavement creating the worst sticky mess ever. I tried to wipe our grandson's icecream and accidentally knocked the cornet to the ground. Can you imagine ??? Our grandson was really good about it, so we laughed. Maybe icecream and hot weather are not always a marriage made in heaven.
July 31, 2022
A Right Royal Do.

A Right Royal Do.

Well if you had told me a while ago that I would ever be in a chaotic scrum for clotted cream I would have sincerely thought you were bonkers! HELLO I was! And I would not let go of my shopping trolley until my hand was tightly wrapped around a precious carton of the Queen of all creams CLOTTED. I didn't care about price nor did I care that I nearly lost my sandal whilst in hot pursuit of a new box of the nectar being brought into the store. I swear this cream needed Kardashian sized bodyguards, it needed the full celeb entourage too...instead it was a brawl of sweaty, determined would be Queens of Afternoon Teas - not wearing tea dresses, wearing joggers...and a good job too! Did I get my Clotted Cream? I would love to say yes but I am afraid I lost my nerve when a woman with iron fists and a back the size of a barn door blocked my path (and to add insult to injury she had a horrible bag too!!! Anyway that is kind of besides the point). I had to serve double cream instead and do you know what, the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations was such a fabulous event that nobody realised and it really didn't matter one jot.

We are the best country in the world for putting on a specatular party and wasn't it a 'PARTY' with Prince Louie being the star attraction (after the Queen of course).

But to put a Royal Top Hat on the festivities we had a very busy weekend on the website and local deliveries selling lots of ROKA, Bag Heaven, Yoshi, Red Cuckoo and POWDER ...lovely bags and cosmetic bags x

June 05, 2022
Holiday Backpacks

Holiday Backpacks

Backpacks have been a favourite bag for everybody year on year, they are timeless, ageless and gender neutral. Anybody however tall, small, young or old can wear one and look good. ROKA though have taken 'looking good' with a backpack to whole new level. They are now 'COOL' especially the multi stripe limited edition collection.

June 02, 2022

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