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We've been selling gorgeous handbags for a long time now... since 1987, to be exact. In that time, we've seen lots of brands come and go, along with fashion trends, but we like to think that we've always stayed ahead of the game.

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Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Mother's Day is coming which made me think about our new bag collections and also some of the wisdom passed on to me from my mum. When did women stop wearing panty girdles ? I can clearly recall my mum passing on some feminine wiles when I was about 19 years old or so and it went like this.  "Remember this, never go out without your lipstick on and always make sure you wear a panty girdle when your husband comes home from work ! And she always did. The lipstick I have always worn but the panty girdle never. Do you remember the television adverts for the 24 hour girdle ! They were tortuous to look at and am sure they were to wear too. How times have changed....ladies we have come a long way.... breathe in !!!
March 01, 2023
Sling Bags are the new style this season

Sling Bags are the new style this season

I can not tell you how thrilled I am with the new leather range of Sling bags we have in stock - they are brilliant and so easy and convenient to wear. I have tried the smaller ones and the large one is the best for me. I take it to the gym with my phone in,my keys,small purse AND a small flask ...I kid you not ! The whole lot goes into it easily and I wear it across my chest. They are great prices and if you are a normal person keys and gym pass is more than enough to take out so the smaller leather sling bag would be perfect at £25 £45 £25


February 01, 2023
Xmas plans

Xmas plans

Well I started planning to be organized for Xmas sometime towards the beginning of September which I felt was realistic and achievable. After the many thoughts and ideas I had for gifts and new xmas decorations etc. I congratulated myself for being ahead of the game and ..... I put it on the back boiler......and before I knew it time had moved on and it was the end of October !! I fall for this EVERY year ! I NEVER learn that time passes quickly and I need to do Xmas NOW ! Why does it always creep up on me ? I'm no spring chicken infact I passed my forties when you could still buy a lipstick without the beauty consultant asking what your skin care regime is and giving you the sad eyes and kind smile !! Anyway it is nearly here and we have enough lights to illuminate the whole of Manchester including the Town Hall....none of them work or are the wrong shade of light ??? ( I like warm rosegold this Xmas :-) ). Anyway everything is going up tomorrow regardless ! Next year I am going to be better prepared........? Here's hoping your decorations are glorious, your lights are epic and you have a very smug Xmas. x
December 01, 2022

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