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We've been selling gorgeous handbags for a long time now... since 1987, to be exact. In that time, we've seen lots of brands come and go, along with fashion trends, but we like to think that we've always stayed ahead of the game.

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Tradition and community

Tradition and community

We have just returned from a trip to Valencia. We went to this beautiful city because they were celebrating Las Fallas - a traditional celebration of the carpenter. EVERY family and neighbourhood takes part with amazing enthusiasm and work ethic. They parade through the streets and squares wearing their very best beautifully made traditional costumes, men women and children. They walk with pride and musicians play as they walk beside them. It's amazing to be part of and to witness. There is a real sense of belonging. It got me thinking about the old Salford Whit Walks...remember them? What happened? We had that ...we had the kind of traditions we marvel about when we travel to European cities.....we had Whit Walks where it seemed every child had new shoes, socks, knickers and vests and party was valued. It seems to me that perhaps the responsibility for the demise lands at the door of the town planning department. Did they realise what the people would lose with ‘ compulsory purchase’ of much loved homes, and building homes which they  themselves wouldn’t live in....? We will never know but it helped to destroy community and tradition. I shall always remember when Walkden Market Hall was had the protection of a Market’s Charter ........did you know that ? So when you go like me to other countries and admire their tradition, community and sense of belonging, admire their markets ....remember there was none better than Cross Lane Market Salford. 

I had to write this ......WHAT IS A CITY BUT IT’S  PEOPLE.


March 30, 2019
Demand and supply

Demand and supply

Definition of veganism - ‘ Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. A lifestyle that avoids all animal derived products such as meat, dairy, eggs, honey and animal derived products and as far as possible, products tested on animals’ We admire those principles and the philosophy. We have listened to our customers and we have addressed the customer demand with a great range of affordable on trend vegan bag brands Red Cuckoo and ROKA to name a few. Your response has been amazing and sales have reflected that Thank You.

"You asked and we listened".

So too can be said of our other brands you asked for unusual independent brands and we supplied them Cecilia Plaza , Soruka, LUA,  Pig Shed, and many more. Thanks go to our customers for always keeping us ahead of the game ‘You Demand and we Supply’.

Before I go a lovely customer whom I have known for many years - 30+ years!!! was in the shop as I was finishing serving a woman with 2 vegan ROKA bags we chatted and the lady left.The older lady came across to me and asked what the lady had bought ,I explained that she bought 2 vegan bags as she was a vegan ....her reply “ well you wouldn’t have known it she looked just like us” ......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎀



March 15, 2019
Sunshine in February 🌞

Sunshine in February 🌞

I feel as if I shouldn’t say it, global warming and all that....but..hasn’t February been amazing! Sunglasses in February! We took a short break to Porto a week or two ago (highly recommended) and truly the weather there was not that much warmer than here in Manchester...I put an extra layer on as I was leaving the aeroplane at Manchester and had to whip it off before customs! Then .....I worried whether that might look suspicious to the Border Police (do you watch Border Control USA? - terrifying) so I quickly deliberated whether to put on a smiling face (will that look too obvious?) quickly  followed by a serious “nothing to see here“ dead pan look. Anyway I got through customs (serious face) I have no idea why, I have never tried to bring contraband into any country but I breathe a huge sigh of relief when I clear the doors.

Sunshine in Manchester!!! let alone sunshine in Manchester in have to admit it’s been an unexpected pleasure. So we decided to bring the summer stock forward and get it onto the shelves. The shop looks fab ...our new ROKA BAGS are certainly getting a positive reaction.They are super cool, urban, lightweight and unisex, perfect for travel/ work and well....just wearing. The colour range is huge ranging from subtle greys to big punchy orange, whichever colour you choose has a great urban vibe. What will March bring? Probably snow!!!




March 01, 2019

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